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Thu 24 Jul

13:00-14:00 Brain Games club
Meet: 320 @ 13:00-14:00

17:00-18:00 LEOs meeting
Meet: Room 320 @ 5pm

Fri 25 Jul

16:00-18:00 Soccer
Meet: Trillium Park @ 4pm

18:00-20:00 Badminton
Meet: Elsie Roy Elementary @ 6pm

Sat 26 Jul

Sun 27 Jul

Mon 28 Jul

12:00-2:00 French Club
Meet: rm 334 @ 12:00

17:30-19:30 CC Dragon Boat!
Meet: Creekside @ 5:30pm

Tue 29 Jul

11:00-12:00 Table Tennis
Meet: 4th Floor @ 11:00

15:00-16:00 MAC^2
Meet: Room 334 @ 3pm

16:00-18:00 Soccer
Meet: Trillium Park @ 4pm

17:00-20:00 Basketball
Meet: Elsie Roy Elementary @ 5pm

Wed 30 Jul

12:00-2:00 Spanish Club
Meet: rm 334 @ 12:00

17:00-18:00 Entrepreneur Club Meetings
Meet: Room 344 @ 5pm

18:00-19:30 Ice Skating & Swimming
Meet: Hillcrest Community Centre @ 6pm

Thu 31 Jul

13:00-14:00 Brain Games club
Meet: 320 @ 13:00-14:00

17:00-18:00 LEOs meeting
Meet: Room 320 @ 5pm

Fri 01 Aug

16:00-18:00 Soccer
Meet: Trillium Park @ 4pm

18:00-20:00 Badminton
Meet: Elsie Roy Elementary @ 6pm

Sat 02 Aug

Sun 03 Aug

Mon 04 Aug

12:00-2:00 French Club
Meet: rm 334 @ 12:00

12:00-2:00 French Club
Meet: 3rd Floor Lounge @ 12:00

CC Rider Newsletter

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Final Exam Schedule Published

Here is the final Summer Exam schedule:
Summer 2014 Exam Schedule

DO NOT fly home until after final exams!

The exam schedule will NOT be changed and you will NOT be permitted to write the exam at any other time.

Missing an exam for a flight home results in an F on the FINAL EXAM!

Congratulations to the CC Riders!

Congrats to our Dragon Boat team, the CC Riders, who won a silver medal at the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival at the weekend.

Well done for all of your hard work!

Keep your Bike Safe!
Make sure you keep your bike safe and secure whilst you're at College.

Unfortunately we have had a number of bikes stolen from the bike racks outside our main entrance. It's important that you have a good quality, solid lock for your bike.

Did you know that you can store your bike in the Parkade for free? You will need to pay a $80 refundable deposit for a key fob but you will get this back when you leave the College or no longer need to use your bike.

Important dates

Aug 4
British Columbia Day. College closed.

Aug 8
Last day of classes.

Aug 11-15
Final Examinations.

Aug 11-13
Provincial (Grades 10/11/12) Examinations.

Aug 20-22
Early Registration for Fall Semester, 2014.

See all dates here.

Campus Parking

Parking at the new campus is controlled by West Park.
The monthly rates for the Columbia College (Lot 029, 438 Terminal Avenue) are:

One Month (Non-Reserved Spaces)
$95.29 (inc taxes) + $20.00 one-time Activation Fee

One Month (Reserved Named Space)
$128.80 (inc taxes)
+$20.00 one-time Activation Fee
+$25.00 Signage Fee)

One Semester (14-week period)
$250.92* (inc taxes)*no proration (refund) if ended early

*The lot hours of this parking facility is Monday Friday, 07:30am 08:30pm*

Key Fobs are available for a $50.00 refundable deposit this will give you access to the lot 24/7.

Should you be interested in signing-up, please complete an application form (see links below)or pick up a copy from Rose in Student Services.

If you have any questions, please contact West Park directly at 604.669.7275 and one of their Guest Services Representatives will be happy to assist you.


Monthly Parking Contract

Blank Semester Contract

Terms and Conditions

Pool is available!

We have a new process for booking Pool! Sign up for a 30-minute slot with Rose and Marlee, give us your Student ID and you can play for that time.

If you do not return the Pool Equipment to Student Services then you will not be allowed to book the Pool table for two weeks.

22nd May - Dragon Boat - 40 Paddlers!

17th May - CC LEOs volunteer @ BC Cancer

11th May - Early Risers Cycle Seawall trip!

Our Talented CC Students!
Some of our talented students from English 11/12 have written some poems and 6-word stories, and we wanted to share them with you!

Click here to see the poems and let us know what you think!
Getting your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
From 1st June, you no longer need to apply for a Work Permit to work off campus but you do need to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada.

To get your SIN, you need to have a valid study permit and a Confirmation to Work off Campus Document from CIC.

It is currently taking four weeks (around 20 working days) for the Confirmation Document to be sent to students via e-mail.

You need to collect a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter (speak to a Counsellor abour this) and apply online through the Case Specific Enquiry page. Information about this document is here. Make sure you input your Unique Client ID and File Number - these can be found on your Study Permit.

If a student is studying ESL or preparatory courses he/she is only eligible to work while studying if they are completing additional post-secondary courses.

More detailed information is available from:

Free Tutoring in the Tutorial Centre
Staff Tutoring is provided free of charge in a range of subject areas.

Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 1.30 - 5pm
Thursday 1.30 - 5pm

Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4pm

Tuesday 9am - 12 pm,
Thursday 9am - 12 pm

Monday 11am - 3 pm
Tuesday 1 - 4pm,
Wednesday 11am - 3pm
Thursday 12 - 3 pm

Take part in Swimming or Ice Skating this Wednesday!

Join us for swimming or Ice Skating on Wednesdays at Hilcrest Community Centre.

Meet at CC Ground floor at 5:30! Sign up at Student Services TODAY!
Check your CC E-mail

Login to your Student E-mail account, here.

22nd May - Hello Rose & Marlee, Goodbye Ben!

18th May - Beach Welcome BBQ!

11th May - Hiking Lynn Canyon!

8th May - Bowling Trip

False Fire Alarms: the Consequences
There are a number of fire alarm points throughout our building that are to be used only in a real fire.

There will be serious consequences if you pull one of these alarms when there is not a fire.

The college will deal severely with any students who start a false alarm. A suspension will be the minimum, and we could well decide to expel the student, and notify Canada Immigration that they are no longer a student in Canada.

The student who activated the alarm will have to pay for any costs that the Fire Department charges Columbia College.

We have video cameras in corridors and will catch anyone who pulls the alarm, whether it is an accident or not.

If you do hear the fire alarm sound, please exit the building immediately using the emergency stairwells and move well away from the doors so that you are not blocking the exit for others. Please do not stop to collect your belongings from lockers. Once the alarm has finished sounding and if the building is declared safe, you will be allowed back in.

Graduation Composites and Folders Available

The Graduation Composites are here! You can come and get a folder which contains the Composite and space for your certificate from the Student Services desk.

They are $20 each. If you have not yet reclaimed your deposit then you can exchange this for the folder.

Buy/Sell your CC Books!
Scroll to the bottom of the CC Rider to see Student Books that are for sale!

Get buying and selling! If you'd like to post a book, look for the 'Login' link at the bottom of the Books list (scroll down to bottom of this page). Or click here.

  • When buying used Books from other students, ensure it is the correct edition you are buying.

  • For security, always arrange to meet here on campus.

  • Contact a few sellers if you're interested in buying a book, then there's a better chance that one is still available.

  • Professional Grad Photography
    Enter code 'cmb' to view the photos.

    See what our Alumni are up to: Polina Ilinskaya

    One of our talented alumni, Polina, has set up her own shop selling products with her own images on.

    Have a look by clicking here

    Stop a Bully

    Columbia College has enrolled in a free tool to help you anonymously report any bullying.

    You can submit a message, including screenshots, or photos if you have them and these will be delivered to the College, who will take action over the next few days.

    To access this service, got to, or click here.

    Volunteering Log
    Keep track of your volunteering, ready for your hard work to be printed on a certificate to help with your next step.

    Login to the CC Volunteering Logger, here!

    21st May - Club Fair!

    12th May - Dragon Boat Trials!

    9th May - Badminton drop-in

    . CC Books for Sale - Posted in Last 28 days.
    TitleCostDescriptionSellerPhoneCC E-mailPosted
    Asia 150$ 80.......70127816:Jul
    Asian Studies (Japan) 2nd edition$50Jane778987515027:Jun
    Biology-110 &120 (Campbell-9th eddition)$125Sabiha604-445-3785(Text)70133402:Jul
    Chemistry Solution Mannual$60.......70127816:Jul
    Chemistry-121 &123(General Chemistry)$125Sabiha604-445-3785(Text)70133402:Jul
    Econ101foundations of economics2nd edition$40raman604751017903:Jul
    Eng100 $60$60Anar604655404670008720:Jul
    English 099 (Essay Essential)$85Sabiha604-445-3785(Text)70133402:Jul
    English 108 (The Soloist)$15Doyin778321484814353214:Jul
    essay writting skills eng100$60Anar604655404670008720:Jul
    French 101 (workbook and textbook)$100Jane778987515027:Jun
    Math 110 (old edition)$ 45.......70127816:Jul
    Poli Sci 100$ 85Jane778987515027:Jun
    Psychology 110 $30Anar604655404670008720:Jul
    Sociology 110. 5th edition.59$Khai Ian(778)229-128911:Jul
    SOCIOLOGY 110. 5th edition.59$Khai Ian(778)229-128911:Jul
    Sociology in our times 110. 5th edition59$Khai Ian(778)229-128911:Jul
    SOCL 110. 5th edtion59$Khai Ian(778)229-128911:Jul
    Studying Politics Psc100$30Anar604655404670007820:Jul
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