There’s nothing better than having your mind, soul and body feel ease than spending time traveling, be it locally or around the world. Seeing new sites and experiencing new things are essential for the soul. The experiences you’ve gained when traveling gives you the strength to face any challenges life will throw at you.


Whilst you’re enjoying life through traveling, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune to sickness whether you’re at home or abroad. Now assuming you’ve taken all the prescribed medication your doctor advised you to take, such as malaria tablets. Then the tips below will surely keep you healthy, avoiding any possibilities of your getting sick while traveling.

Proper Diet

A good way to prevent illness while traveling is for you to maintain a proper diet – taking in account what have you been munching. If you’re eating fast food lately because it’s “cheap and fast” then you’re bound to get sick in just a matter of time. Practicing the 80/20 diet plan will increase your chances of preventing any sickness while away. Countries such as Japan have extremely healthy street foods that are affordable and quick so you might even have been eating healthy foods than you thought.


Following proper diet comes in proper exercise, no matter where you are in the world, this is an important aspect to consider to keep you’re heart in good condition while traveling. It helps circulate blood in your body and gets rid of toxins such as alcohol. Now, we are not saying you have to go on a ten mile run or squat for hours and hours, we suggest you try high intensity interval training (HIIT) for fifteen minutes or so. High intensity training is the simplest form of high intensity exercise such as jumping jacks for thirty seconds alternated by thirty seconds of rest.


Last but not the least, a lot of backpackers take this lightly but too much alcohol can seriously upset your stomach causing you to get sick more often. We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t drink beer, we all know that alcohol can boost self-esteem and makes you be more confident in times of getting to know different people around the globe.

All we’re suggesting is that you have to give your liver a break even once in a while, if you drink one night then wait for a couple of days before drinking again. Alcohol lowers your immune system, this leads of you getting sick quickly. Not to mention hangovers are the worst of the worst to get over with.


Now we have told you ways to be healthy no matter where you are, you just have to remember to put them into action. However, if you get sick, be sure to take some rest for a couple of days, bed rest is possible, and stay hydrated. If you’re symptoms gets worse immediately sick medical attention.