Through the years, tourism became known to have negative impact in the environment in severe ways. However, due to the increase amount of travelers, and the magical experience they get, tourism will never go away. Therefore, you might be thinking on how is it possible to travel around the globe without hurting the environment.

Eco-tourism became known in the industry that allows travelers to see the most beautiful scenery in the world in a respectful and responsible way, minimizing the harm we cause in earth. You can easily achieve this by investing your money in eco-tourism and to help preserve the natural environment.

Without a doubt, eco-tourism can be the future of traveling and for this reason we’ve put up a list of some wonderful eco-friendly destinations perfect for your next trip.




You can actually travel to Antarctica and surprisingly, it has become the most popular destination. It has become one of the list that needs to be on top priorities in promoting environmental responsibility and in maintaining natural beauty. However, you can only reach Antarctica during summer, but if you want make it there without struggles, it will certainly be an unforgettable experience with its breath-taking views.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica became the most well known country associated with eco-tourism for great reasons. It is also known as a bio-diverse paradise for its beautiful environment with its main allure of having the biggest rainforest that makes up to almost half of the country. In addition, the country itself has vast eco-friendly accommodations for you to stay, this allows you to fully relax in luxury whilst knowing that you’re also helping the environment.



Known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean, Dominica become the number one eco-friendly tourist destination in the region. Having a vast number of captivating wildlife, rainforest and many different natural wonders, Dominica certainly has various range of attractions for you to explore and fully experience. In addition, if you’re finished exploring the wonderful eco beauties in Dominica, you can go for a retreat in one of their eco-lodges.


Galapagos Island

Last but not the least, Galapagos Island is also a well known eco-friendly destination. Galapagos Island is a geographically remote archipelago in Ecuador. It is the first UNESCO world heritage site and the wildlife are the primary attraction of this island, since they evolve in a unique way that makes them different and creates wonders to wonders. Galapagos Island have been on the bucklist for travelers who want to see and experience different things.